Our Letter to Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo:

As business owners, a backbone of our economy, we are calling upon you to reject fracking in New York.

We represent a growing movement of business leaders who recognize that fracking is not the answer to our state’s economic or energy challenges.  We share a concern that fracking would harm the sustainable development potential of New York’s major business sectors including tourism, recreation, agriculture, food and beverages, restaurants, and real estate.  Fracking poses unacceptable risks of contamination to water, air, and land, and endangerment of public health, animal health, and communities upstate and down.

There is growing evidence that job creation claims for fracking are exaggerated. Moreover, many of the jobs that may be created by fracking in New York would be short term and filled predominantly by people from out-of-state.  In addition, fracking can create economic burdens on local municipalities that include repair of bridges and roads, and demand for emergency and social services.  The industrialization of the landscape, noise and light pollution and associated truck traffic will affect residents and visitors alike.

Comparative analysis of communities that rely on “fossil fuel extraction” for economic development report overall negative consequences and diminished future competitiveness.

As business owners, we maintain that fracking’s associated short and long term costs to our local and state economy, to public health, to lost opportunity, to quality of life, and to industries threatened by contamination that provide hundreds of thousands of jobs to New Yorkers greatly outweigh any modest benefits.  We urge you to not permit fracking in New York and instead build the economy of the future based on energy efficiency, conservation, and safer, sustainable energy production.

Thank you for your consideration.

cc: Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy
Steve Cohen, Deputy Commissioner, Community Economic Development, Empire State Development

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